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THANK YOU to everyone who attended Green Focus ND 2013: Neighborhood Development: Booming, Building, Sustaining. This was the first full day educational and networking event and we hope you found it to be valuable. We need your help to continue events like Green Focus ND, so become a donor member today by registering online. The presentation information from the event will be posted on our web site, so keep a look out for that announcement, as well as an announcement about Green Focus ND 2014!

There is another great opportunity to support your interest and continue your involvement – Become a USGBC North Dakota Board Member. We are an active, volunteer-based board and are seeking nominations. Anyone can make a nomination and if you personally have interest, please do not hesitate to volunteer! We are in search of people who are passionate about creating ‘Better Living in North Dakota through sustainable environments’ and want to expand that mission throughout the state.

Please send nominations or inquiries to usgbcnorthdakota@gmail.com. Nominations are open.

Only donor members will be able to vote for the nominees, so become a donor member today! 


What: USGBC North Dakota Board Nominations
- Nominations from all are accepted.
If you are personally interested, please volunteer!
How: Send nominations or inquiries to usgbcnorthdakota@gmail.com.